Free trial lessons


  • Please note, you may only participate in trial lessons after confirmation.

All classes have limited free places. Please, submit the form with your information and we reach out to you with dates for trial lessons. If your class is fully booked, we put you on the waiting list and reach out to you when there are free places.

You get two trial lessons free of charge and no commitments. We will prepare the skates for you and allocate time for questions and try on skates.

"Skøjteskolen" (Skating school) is dedicated children (3-12 year old),  "Teens" is for teenagers between 13 and 17, while  "Voksen holdet" (Adults) is for youth and adults (18+ year old).

Schedule for trial lessons:

  • Skating school: Wednesdays at 17.25-18.10 and Saturdays at 16-16.45
  • Teens: Wednesdays at 19.15-20.00 and Sundays at 19.00-19.45
  • Adults: Mondays at 20.30-21.15 and Wednesdays at 19.15-20.00

You find our office in Ørestad Skating hall on the 1st floor.

Arrive no later than 20-30 min before the lesson starts

Welcome !

Signing up for trial lessons

Please, submit name, age and shoe size.