Membership and payment

Your profile on "Holdsport"

You receive a confirmation by email after enrolling. The email contains login information to your Holdsport-profile. is the platform we use for communication and payments. You may use the PC-version or the App for Android/IOS.

Please, check the settings for timezone in Holdsport under "Profile => Change language/timezone". The timezone should be set to "GMT +1" for the training schedule to indicate correct time slots.


We offer recurring payments on a monthly basis. That makes your cash flow more flexible, for instance, should you decide to take a break from training.

You pay one month in advance for training and skates rental. The first payment needs to be accepted manually by login on Holdsport and saving your card details. Following payments will be done automatically.

You may cancel your Skating school and Fitness membership with a calendar month’s notice. All other classes have a three calendar month’s cancellation notice.

You only pay for your membership during the season when the skating hall is open and we offer training. You keep your membership until next season, unless you decide to cancel.

All prices are fixed for the season 2020/2021.

We are delighted to welcome you to our team.

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